Mit TRUEPLAY Tennispartner und Tennistrainer finden

Find and look for suitable tennis partners with TRUEPLAY

Looking for a tennis partner? With the TRUEPLAY tennis app you can easily find and look for tennis partners in your area. The app uses an innovative approach and not only suggests suitable tennis partners, but also provides you with a suitable match date and location. No more annoying searching, inquiries, comparisons or putting off. It does not work?! It works! With the matchmaking from TRUEPLAY tennis. The tennis partner search ends here – with the app you take the shortcut directly to the tennis court.

Tennis Matchmaking
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Looking for a tennis partner? Simply put it together by yourself!

With TRUEPLAY you can put together your perfect tennis partner – like Tinder only for tennis. How does this work exactly? Very easy. In the matchmaking settings of the tennis app you can set up to 10 variables and choose your personal preferences. One of the most important factors is TENNIS PLAYING STRENGTH. This is very important to TRUEPLAY. To classify your tennis skills, you will answer a few questions about your tennis game after registering and will then be ranked in TRUEPLAY’s comprehensive tennis skill level scale. It doesn’t matter whether you are a tennis beginner, a hobby player or even play in a tennis club. You can use a slider in the app to set the appropriate skill level range for your potential tennis partner. You can also determine the age range and gender. When it comes to the question of whether your playing partner should be female or male, in addition to an exclusion, you can also specify a preferred direction.


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Finding a venue and partner made easy

In the TRUEPLAY Tennis app you can not only define your perfect tennis partner, but also specify game locations and availability. Do you only want to play at your tennis club or only at the commercial tennis facility in the neighborhood? No problem, just enter this in the matchmaking settings and you will only be suggested suitable tennis partners and dates at these facilities. If you want/can play at other tennis courts in the area, you will also receive suggestions there. This always takes into account how far the venue is from your specified tennis facilities.


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When and how often do you want to play tennis?

The “when” and “how often” questions are also crucial in finding the perfect partner for a tennis match. You can conveniently store your availability (days and times) in the app and can therefore be taken into account for every tennis game request. You can also specify how often you want to play tennis per week or month so that TRUEPLAY can automatically exclude or include you from the tennis partner brokerage.


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Find and look for tennis partners

The more precisely you define your preferences, the better TRUEPLAY can suggest the perfect tennis partner with a suitable venue and date. But you don’t have to wait for suggestions; you can search for the perfect match yourself. To do this, you create a tennis game and define your desired date, venue and time. TRUEPLAY then starts a comparison with the player database and suggests your game to suitable tennis partners. As soon as a player clicks on “Play,” you will be notified immediately and your tennis game is over. No communication or coordination is necessary for this. Of course, you can still exchange ideas via the integrated chat.

Does that sound awesome? It is. So if you don’t have TRUEPLAY Tennis yet, get the free app directly from the Google Play or App Store stores. Have fun trying it out and especially playing tennis.


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Let you find by new tennis buddies